Yoga Break

Here’s my latest (and so far greatest) solution to the problem of incorporating yoga breaks into my work day: alarms.

I downloaded an alarm app on my work computer, and set alarms to go off every hour and a half after 10am. Then I get a guaranteed reminder 5 times a day to jump out of my chair and get moving.

Lucky for me, I work in a casual enough office that nobody minds (or even really notices) if I jump up and do a couple sun salutations and heart openers in the middle of the room, so I get a nice, full body mini-practice every hour and a half. If your office isn’t quite so open-minded, you can be a little more subtle about it: when you alarm goes off, just do a little desk yoga. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, stretch your arms up over your head and do a little twist and a backbend or two. Then get yourself out of your desk and go for a little stroll – even just to get a glass of water.

The app I chose can be found here, but there are tons of options. Just do a search for free alarm apps!