Do Nothing with Dan Clement

My YTT instructor is hosting an amazing-looking retreat that fits in with my New Year’s resolution quite nicely.  He’s only accepting 8 students, and if you’re looking to chill out a little this will be a good place to start. Here’s his invite:


You will not get better at doing anything by attending this retreat.
You will not achieve a higher level of anything, which may be good, because is that helping?

We will enjoy each other’s company, talk about interesting
things, laugh, stretch mindfully (you could say do yoga) quite a bit, walk along the beautiful seashore paths and sleep deeply.

We will not try to do anything, not even try to do nothing. But it may happen that you’ll
experience a state of doing nothingness.

All cellphones, computers and other devices designed to distract will be handed in upon arrival, and handed back when you depart.

Come, do nothing with Dan.

Arrival – late afternoon March 2nd. Departure – A.M. March 5th.
Cost – $375 Includes – Accommodation and vegetarian meals. Two sessions of Yoga practice daily, exploring holistic biomechanics, self-practice and some therapeutics.

Contact Dan at to register. Maximum 8 students