Happy New Year!

It’s the new year, la la laaaa…

What are your resolutions?

For the longest time I resisted having resolutions for the new year – it just seemed to cliche for me, and besides, I’m already re-evaluating my life and planning my future on a more-or-less seasonal basis anyways. It seemed to me that this was just the time of year that everyone else did it, and heaven forbid I do something at the same time as the rest of society. Well, I’ve stopped trying to be an anti-conformist just for the sake of being different, so here is my resolution for the new year: to chill out.

The last few months of my life have been so hyper-focused on being productive and achieving things that I haven’t spent that much time just enjoying life. Since I’m pretty much booked with contracts and projects until September 2012, I think I’ve got the productivity thing in the bag for next year, so my objective is to spend more time relaxing and enjoying life with my friends and family.