Life Lessons Learned From My Cat 2.0

I know I’m at risk for being a crazy cat lady here, but lately my little kitty seems to be teaching me so much!

The main thing I’ve noticed is that she has a knack for sitting on my lap and becoming incredibly affectionate right when I’m about to get up from the chair and go do something, or right while I’m in the middle of an intense multi-tasking session.

It sounds like it might be annoying, but it’s actually not. On the contrary, having a soft, fuzzy, purring machine jump into my lap and give me a nuzzle has got to be one of the most relaxing things I’ve experienced. Suddenly, even if only for a moment, there is a great stillness that comes over me and I stop multi-tasking or planning my next action and just sit there. Me and my cat.

It’s like a whole new kind of yoga where random moments of stillness and peace infiltrate my day. I’m calling it kitty yoga, and I encourage everyone to practice it.

Now, I know everyone isn’t lucky enough to have a cat who’s as sweet as the one in my life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring random moments of meditation into our lives. Here’s a few other tools you could use to bring these random moments up in your life:

Pick a time of day and no matter what you’re doing at that moment, take a brief break. This does involve keeping an eye on the clock so it might not be realistic for everyone. Consider setting an alarm to go off a few times a day to remind you. This isn’t exactly random, but is still pretty good.

There are apps you can get for your computer or smart phone (if you’ve got one) that goes off at random intervals, reminding you to take mini-stillness breaks.

Decide on certain things to be cues for meditation breaks. Whether it’s seeing that coworker walk by your office, at the end of every phone call, or every time you get an email from a certain person – these will be just as randomly distributed as my cat’s loving, and can kind of make life into a game!

Whatever you do, try to find ways to bring stillness into your busy life however you can.