Life Lessons Learned from My Cat

Lately I’ve been observing my cat, Miss Gertie Marie, a little more closely. Here’s a few things I’ve observed that we (or at least I) can learn from her:

Eat when you’re hungry! No point in waiting and making yourself starve – you’ll only eat more later.

When you choose to relax, do it all the way! Cats never relax halfway. They don’t lie down but try to keep paying attention to what’s going on at the same time. When they choose to relax, they lie down, roll around on their backs, and flop over in the sunshine. Divine.

Give all your attention to one thing at a time! There’s an old adage in theatre to never act with children or animals. Cuteness factor aside, there’s a very good reason for this: when an animal (or at least a cat) is paying attention to something, be it a mouse or a piece of lint floating through the air, they are giving every ounce of attention they have to that one thing. Their entire bodies are ripe with the potential that attention brings, and it is captivating to watch. The same goes for life!

There you go! Cats = life.