Project Announcement: Swallows and Amazons

Once again I get to do my most favourite thing in the world: make up dances and make other people do them. I’ll be doing the choreography for Gallery 7 Theatre’s production of Swallows & Amazons by Helen Edmundson (one of the better playwrights I’ve ever encountered, no less!)

Playing March 8-23 at the MEI Auditorium in Abbotsford

When John, Susan, Titty and Roger are granted their wish to camp on an island, they eagerly look forward to a summer full of adventure and fun. Fueled by their imagination and a desire for new experiences, they set sail in their trusty boat, Swallow. When they meet Nancy & Peggy, the self-proclaimed Amazon pirates, and the cantankerous Captain Flint, their adventure turns in an entirely new and exciting direction. This Canadian amateur premier promises to be a delightful theatre experience for adventurers of all ages.

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