Lessons from Being Stuck in an Elevator

Sincere apologies! I wrote this post last weekend, and scheduled it to be published (or so I thought), but it turns out it has been sitting in the drafts all along. Here is last Monday’s post, unintentionally belated…

Last week I had one of life’s great questions answered for me: I found out what it’s like to be stuck in an elevator for 90 minutes with a high pitched beep going on the entire time.

Here’s what I learned:

You have a choice
Often in life you have a choice between being annoyed or amused by a situation. Being stuck in an elevator is one of them. While I won’t go so far as to say that I was entertained by the experience, I did laugh. A lot. Sure, it was a crappy situation and I could have grumbled and been miserable the entire time instead, but the only thing that would achieve is 90 minutes of misery on my part. Instead, I hunkered down and let the ridiculous humour of the situation carry me through.

Company is key
The people we surround ourselves with make all the difference for how we experience any event in life. Some company we can choose and some we can’t, but when you can, choose people who help you stay positive! I am so lucky that a) I wasn’t trapped alone in there and b) that my companion had an equally positive attitude about the situation. We helped each other stay positive and the 90 minutes passed relatively quickly (considering).

You can do yoga anywhere
Elevators included.

Technology can be wonderful
Because of the wonders of modern technology, I was able to not only communicate with the outside world (vital, since the emergency phone in the elevator wasn’t working), but be entertained and get support from it. I posted on my facebook “Trapped in an elevator, where’s the app for that?” and was met with a flood of responses that varied from straight-up support to hilarious comments that truly helped pass the time. Plus, my friend whose elevator I was stuck in texted me links for all sorts of youtube videos, and my battery actually lasted long enough to enjoy them all.

So there you have it! Get trapped in an elevator, learn something new.