I am a Light

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of Sarah Slean – her music is magical and each album manages to connect with me wherever I’m at in life. Not only that, but judging from her personality on stage, I feel like we could be great friends! (Okay, that might be the fan girl in me coming out.)

Her latest albume, Land/Sea is just as wonderful as any other. It’s a double album, the first being more upbeat, pop-type tracks, the second being full of sweeping orchestras and epic sensibilities. Both are gloriously Slean.

I noticed when listening to the album, especially the Land portion, that Ms. Slean has somehow managed to make a perfect album to reflect my philosophy towards yoga! My favourite yogic track? “I am a Light”. You can listen to a sample of the song here, and check out these awesome, life-affirming, love-sharing lyrics:

All are deserving of
this love so great great great
it’s inexhaustible
so give it all away

And don’t ask anymore
what is my way way way?
You are a miracle
so let it play play play

I am a light
I am a light
a light a light a light

There is no hurry now
I take it slow-ow-ow
I don’t need anything
I am the one I love

But it’s hilarious
’cause all the while-ile-ile
all I can dream about
is how to make you smile

I am a light
I am a light
I am a light

The source of everything
Is in our eye-eye-eyes
I see th good in yours
seeing the good in mine

I am a light
I am a light
a light a light a light