Drive-By (in a good way)

This is a more-or-less cross-post from my other blog, something I almost never do, but I feel like the sentiment applies here as well.

Today I was paid a random compliment by a stranger walking down the street. There was clearly no “agenda” on his part, as evidenced by the fact that the compliment was paid entirely in passing. He didn’t even break his stride for a moment to try to engage me in further conversation – it was a drive-by (or rather, a walk-by) compliment, and it brightened by already bright day considerably.

Then it hit me: this is what we’re all missing in life: compliments paid without agenda.

So I am issuing a challenge to myself and everyone else in the world: if you see someone and appreciate something about them, be it their looks, wardrobe, sidewalk dance moves, or whatever, give them a drive-by (or walk-by) compliment. In fact, let’s just make a point of trying to find something to appreciate in every single person we encounter, whether or not we tell them about it.

It’s sort of like what we learned in my Yoga Teacher Training, to approach each student by first looking for the good before we correct their postures. By starting from a place of positivity and appreciation, we were able to treat them more as a whole human instead of something that needed fixing. Wouldn’t that attitude be beneficial in day-to-day life?

Then, one good thought/compliment at a time, we will humanize each other just a little more and maybe even bring about world peace.