Speak Your Truth

I just finished reading Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland, and there was one quote that really stuck out for me:

“No one is boring who is willing to tell the truth about himself.”

What I love about this quote is how it speaks so directly to my two loves in life: yoga and theatre (surprised?).

In yoga, you can’t lie to yourself. Sure, you can try to push yourself farther than you’re actually able to, but that will only take you so far. In the end, if you’re going to have a successful practice, you have to be honest and accept your truth. Your hidden foibles, quirks, and talents will become obvious to you, and if anyone was watching you (like say, your instructor who should be keeping an eye on you), they’ll see it to. Not to make you self-conscious while you’re practicing – that’s really the beauty of it all! Everyone has foibles, quirks, and talents and most of the time we hide and control them with all our might. During yoga you’re free to be honest, to tell the truth about yourself, and to be incredibly interesting.

How about theatre? Theatre is the art of telling stories. No, they aren’t always true stories, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in them. If you frequent the theatre, think back to the last show you saw that had that magical extra something. The show that grabbed your heart and didn’t let go until the lights came up. Why did it do that? Because it was speaking truth. Pure and simple. Whether it was speaking truth with lots of flashy costumes and effects, one person on a stage in a coffee shop, or accompanied by singing and dancing, the play grabbed your heart because it spoke a truth that connects with your truth. And you couldn’t look away.

So speak your truth! You can practice living your truth in yoga, you can experience it in the safety of a darkened theatre, but ultimately, it’s all about bringing your truth off the mat, out of the risers, and into your daily life.

How’s that for a little yoga \ theatre \ life?

One thought on “Speak Your Truth

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine…. wisdom post….thanks.

    life is a role in the theater divine…..difficult roles comes to fine artists….and normally after the show the original name of the artists are announced …..yoga is a science to know the original name in the beginning …..truth is to know original name inside and stay with the name in the role outside….timeless and time together…

    love all.

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