Yoga vs. Other Exercise, part 2

I did a post a while back comparing yoga to other forms of exercise, and have since thought of another difference, focusing on the joints and bones.

All weight bearing exercise is good for your bones – it’s that little bit of stress that encourages them to grow all strong and healthy-like. Weight bearing exercise includes pretty much anything where your bones have weight against them: walking, running, weight lifting, and of course, yoga.

The difference between yoga and these other forms is that it is no-impact when it comes to the joints. Not only that, but it actually is thought to increase the natural lubrication in your joints, putting off those creaky hips and knees we all get in old age just a little bit longer.

Yin yoga is especially great for this: it specifically targets your connective tissues and has been shown to increase production of synovial fluid in your joints.

This makes yoga, and especially yin yoga, a great bet for women trying to ward off osteoporosis, people with arthritis, and, well really anyone who wants stronger, healthier bones to last them through life.