Audience Dress Codes

I came across an interesting blog post today on The Guardian about dressing up to go to the theatre, and how nobody does it anymore. Read the full article here.

I’ve got to say, I identify. As a child the only plays I saw were church plays and touring Andrew Lloyd Webber productions (hello, suburbia!), and both were dress-up occasions. In the case of the former, church plays only happened on holidays, and we got Christmas and Easter dresses every year, mostly to wear to these events. When it comes to the latter, not only were we going to the theatre, but it was a famous touring production and we were driving all the way into Vancouver for the occasion. That made it just that: an occasion.

I’m not sure when that sense of occasion ended for me, but I think it was somewhere around university. It was probably inevitable: dragging yourself to the theatre after a 10-hour day on campus to see a play you’re not really interested in but need to see and review for class the next day, ushering because you can’t afford to buy tickets, and dragging your huge backpack along for the ride is bound to kill some of the magic.

Yet it’s still a little sad, don’t you think? Let’s bring the “special occasion” back to theatre. On three!