For me, the practice of yoga is the practice of life. Each pose presents a new challenge and a unique situation for us to practice the things that will follow us through our day: connection, patience, understanding, perseverance, laughter, compassion, love, focus, and fun.

My goal as your yoga instructor is to lead you through a practice that is fun, uplifting, and refreshing, giving you the chance to follow where your heart leads and get to know yourself a little better.

“Andrea provides a safe, suspended bubble of delight for her students to release the stress of the day, and to surrender to the buoyancy of inner body bright.” -Mouon Levan, Yogini, Mission, BC

Want to give it a try?

Yoga at Work \ Yoga at Home \ Yoga Around Town

I specialize in private and small-group yoga classes that are completely personalized to your needs. Whether you’d like to schedule a yoga break into your work day or a private lesson at home, you bring the space, and I’ll bring the yoga!

All you need is a space to practice, a mat, and any other props you like to use.

Class Styles

Hatha: A series of asanas (yoga poses) that focus on breath and alignment within the pose.

Power Flow: A challenging class with a focus on using your breath to travel through multiple series’ of poses. Get ready to find your edge and get the blood pumping.

Yin: A deep practice of long-held seated poses, stretching and strengthening your joints, bones, and connective tissues. Perfect for those who want to increase flexibility, ward off arthritis and osteoporosis, or find a meditative focus to their practice.


Rates start at $50 for a one-hour class of up to 10 people.
Includes a free consultation.

Interested? Full of questions or ideas for something a little different? Give me a shout and we’ll talk possibilities!